Burner Event Organisations

Minotaur Effigy, Kiwiburn 2018 on burn night, by Andrew Benson, Gregg Painter and crew. Photo by Volker Huenert.

Peoples Art Collective – PACT is a non-for-profit organisation that unites communities through facilitating inclusive gatherings based around arts, workshops, music and interactive events.

Melburners is the community organisation tasked with furthering Burning Man culture throughout Melbourne & Victoria. We run the annual Decompression gathering in November each year, as well as numerous other events. All of our funds raised are used to support Artists, theme camps and charities which embody the Burner culture.

Common Arts Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to community-building through art. We believe that art and festivals are a wonderful way to bring people together, create meaningful connections and build strong communities

Kiwiburn is a participatory festival (held annually in New Zealand)  where we, the participants, bring and make the things that we want to have here. There are no central stages or headline acts, no queues and few crowds, just a series of surprises. Kiwiburn is a collective experience. Everybody contributes, everybody buys a ticket, even people who have volunteered year-round to make this event happen. Founded in 2004, Kiwiburn is the oldest running Regional Burn outside of mainland U.S.A.

Raglan Burners was started in 2014 as a way for Burners (and Burn-curious) living in Whāingaroa / Raglan to connect and build community.

Northern Burn is a volunteer-run, not for profit, family friendly camping event based on the Burning Man 10 Principles. This is an immersive participatory experience of community, art, nature, workshops and performance.

Capital Incendiary Authority – CIA is the web presence of the Canberra Burners – a collective of Burning Man and Burning Seed attendees, as well as Burn-curious ‘virgins.’

BOSS – Burners of Sydney & Surrounds  – is the Burner community org. for N.S.W. BOSS make the Sydney Decompression happen and support N.S.W Burners to connect, make Art, learn & reach out to the broader community.

The Third Degree is a fully immersive participatory experience where everyone contributes. It is based on the Burning Man Project and its “10 Principles”

Burning Seed is an experimental gathering dedicated to creativity, collaboration and a cash-free community – conceived, built, run and returned to nothing again by YOU!

Maverick Burn Coordinating affordable group camping opportunities for the benefit of members. Promoting safe camping/outdoor living practices to members through education & skills workshops. Engaging in bush regeneration activities. Supporting the artistic endeavours of members in a bush setting.

Blazing Swan is the incorporated community association that holds a regional Burn in Kulin, Western Australia each year over the Easter holiday weekend. The Burn is an experiment in a temporary community inspired by Burning Man and its 10 principles with the addition of Consent as the 11th principle. Our home is the Swans nest in Fremantle, a warehouse space where the community can gather, create and share the magic all year round.

Modifyre is the official Burning Man regional event for Queensland, Australia. The event is built on a series of guiding principles which act as guidelines for the worldwide Burning Man Regional Network. As such, the event may be understood as a celebration of a way of life lived consistently with these principles. Once a year we create a temporary village built on a gift economy, fuelled by communal effort, lit with radical thinking and filled with participatory Art, Theme camps, performance, workshops, music and of course Fire.

Dragonburn is a Shanghai-based community focusing on interactive art, music, fire and pop-up participatory imagination!